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Bhutan Motorbike Tours was created because we are devoted to our beloved Bhutan. We wanted to offer Bhutan Tourists this opportunity to see Bhutan from a different perspective – from the back of a Royal Enfield motorbike.

The rugged nature of Bhutan means that getting around can be a problem. With our trusty Royal Enfield motorbikes we can safely ride on any of Bhutan’s roads or tracks.

This means that we can take you deeper into Bhutan, so you experience more and get a far better understanding of this wonderful country.

More than this when you are riding the bikes you are able to enjoy the pure air that we ride through. You are more in touch with the people, the flora and fauna and the geography of Bhutan.

At Bhutan Motorbike Tours we wanted to concentrate and specialise in creating professional tours for visitors to Bhutan with our motorbikes maintained to the highest standards and set up specifically for tourist riders. On top of that you are our guests and we just love to introduce visitors to our country.