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Gross National Happiness

According to some Bhutanese GNH is every country man being contented with what they do, are and without desire for material wealth. It is the mental happiness derived from whatever one has as Bhutan being a regional country, every one believes that nothing but only inner happiness helps in attains nirvana.

One industry which has helped in both GNH and GDP of the country is hospitality and tourism. As Bhutan is one of those country which has its own and unique nature, culture and tradition which gives a lot of inner peace and happiness of the nature beauty and history told in the form of the dances and tails hold in a very unique manner.

Some of the foreigner that has come and visited Bhutan has nothing to say but only a smile on their face says it all. GNH as the measurement of the country’s development, it’s very difficult to say whether the country has been successes in it.